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    The first phase of the Young Teachers Academic Salon was satisfactorily concluded

    Date: 2021-06-02 Source: Clicks:

    In order to strengthen the ability of young teachers and construct a community of teachers specialty development, the College of EducationCOE restarted the Young Teachers Academic Salon this semester and successfully completed the first phase of the activity on April 1, 2021. The activity attracted 22 young teachers to participate in. The COE Party Committee Secretary Dr. Prof. ZhANG Zengtian, the Dean Dr. Prof. CAI Chun and the Vice Dean Dr. Prof. QIAO Ailing also attended this event.

    The theme of this semester's Young Teachers Academic Salon is "What I Talk About When I Talk About Teaching ", which focuses on the education and teaching reform, helps young teachers to continuously enhance their teaching ability. Each activity is hosted by 1-2 young recipients of the Meritorious Teaching Award, who will play a leading and exemplary role in sharing their teaching ideas and inspiring reflection on problems concerned with the situation of classroom teaching in COE, so as to further improve the quality of talent-training in interactions.

    Dr. Prof. Zhang Zengtian and Dr. Prof. Cai Chun delivered short speeches at the beginning of the activity, fully affirming the great and vigorous efforts made by young teachers in teaching and scientific research, and also setting higher expectations for the Young Teachers Academic Salon, hoping it can be used as a platform to better support the development of young teachers in COE.

    The first activity is hosted by Associate Prof. LIN Wei, with the theme of "The attempt to integrate Drama in Education into College Classroom Teaching: taking Professional Ethics Course for Educators as an example", leading all teachers to simulate classroom circumstances and fully integrate into teaching activities. Participating teachers responded enthusiastically to this activity, saying that they had gained a lot in this process, and will learn from it and internalize it into their own teaching process.

    The Young Teachers Academic Salon of COE is planned to be held once a month this semester, aiming to build the brand of campus culture for the development of teachers in COE. In the future, the salon will also increase academic conferences on research project application and achievement declaration, so as to meet the development needs of young teachers and form a three-dimensional talent support system.

    Contributed by: Hu Wei