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    Teaching and learning about values and patriotism: Fundamental British Values (England) and Republican Values (France)

    Date: 2019-11-26 Source: Clicks:

    Teaching and learning about values and patriotism: Fundamental British Values (England) and Republican Values (France)

    Time: November 21, 2019, 13:00-15:00

    Address: Conference room at 5thfloor, Ziguang Building, Ziyu Hotel Beijing.



    Introduction to the Lecturer:


    PROFESSORHUGH STARKEY has earned a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Literature and the Certificate of Postgraduate Education in Modern Language from St. John's College, Oxford, and a Master of Science in French and German from Aston University, and Ph.D. from the Open University of the United Kingdom with a dissertation onHuman Rights, Intercultural Education and Language Teaching in Europe.

    PROFESSORHUGH STARKEY now serves as a profession ofEducation of Citizenship and Human Rights (Education of Citizens to Human Rights), School of Education at the University of London, the Co-Director of International Center for Education and Democratic Citizenship, and the editor of magazine London Education Review, and the convener of the International Research Network for Human Rights Education of the World Association for Education Research.

    His research fields cover: globalized democratic citizenship education and human rights and social justice of the world. Well versed in civic education in Europe and France,PROFESSORHUGH STARKEY explores the complicate relationship between learners and teachers with different experiences in the educational structures, materials, practices and policies designed on the basis of dominant majority or nationalist or colonial paradigms. His insights obtained through qualitative research and literature analysis provide advice on the implementation of policy equality.

    PROFESSORHUGH STARKEY is also the author ofEducation for Citizenship in Turkey: From Radical Secularism to Islamic Nationalism(2019),Learn to Live Together: Fight for Civil Rights and Human Rights Education(2015),Teachers and Human Rights Education(2010) andCitizens Changed: Democracy and Connotation in Education(2005).

    Lecture description: In response to the threats of terrorism, both the UK and French governments attempt recently to strengthen the values of schools and education of patriotism in schools. Schools are obligated to popularize fundamental British values (England) and Republican values (France). This policy implemented in these two states implies the encouragement of patriotism, especially for minorities and Muslims. Thereupon, the education for citizens in both countries are influenced. In France, the Education has been carried on encouraging the allegiance of the public to the basic principles of the French Republic and the European Union, which explicitly addresses the human rights. In contrast, the Education in the UK is marginalized on account of the public focus on loyalty to the UK’s basic values which are vaguely defines and excludes human rights.

    Through literature analysis of citizenship education guidelines and study programs in the UK and France, as well as the evidence from classrooms, following questions have been solved: What expectations does the public have on their possessing or acquiring of national identity or loyalty? Who is legally part of this country and who is excluded?